And every day...from house to house, they did not cease teaching and announcing the gospel of Jesus as the Christ.

-ACTS 5:42

About Us

The church in Huntsville, Texas, warmly welcomes you. We are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who have personally received Him as our Savior. He is the most excellent and enjoyable Person. We love Him and endeavor to give Him the first place in all things. We rejoice to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus, God’s Son, born again of the Father’s divine life, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

We highly treasure the Holy Bible as God’s revelation of Himself and of His eternal purpose. We hold the common faith which is revealed in the Bible and is common to all genuine believers.

As is true of all believers in Christ, we are members of His one Body, the church. In order to practice the oneness of the Body with all the Christians in Huntsville, we meet as the church in Huntsville. We are in fellowship with thousands of local churches worldwide to express the one Body of Christ.

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The church in Huntsville is not our name - it is our description.

Join our meetings!

Our emphasis is to have a church living where each member is built into a vital, spiritual community characterized by love for Christ and one another (John 15:9). We primarily meet in homes and small gatherings throughout the week for prayer, fellowship, and to study the Bible (Acts 2:46‑47). On Sundays, we gather in larger groups to remember the Lord Jesus together and prophesy to build each other up (1 Cor. 11:23‑26; 14:23‑26). 

As the church in Huntsville, we love to meet as much as possible to fellowship, study the Bible, and shepherd one another in the Lord. Groups organically form and develop across the city, across all ages, and across all ethnicities. If you would like to join any of our meetings, click the link below to see our schedule.

Want to study the Bible together?

If none of our meeting times fit your schedule and you would like to have a Bible study in your home or in your preferred location, please send us a message below.

Want a free study Bible?

The church in Huntsville has partnered with Bibles for America to offer free copies of the New Testament to our friends, neighbors, and fellow Christians in Huntsville. Request your free New Testament Bible today.

The Meaning of Life and Man's Third Part

Have you ever felt unsatisfied, let down, or even empty after you got what you thought would make you happy? 

You are not alone. This video explains why we feel unhappy with life. The reason is that we are made not only with a body and a soul, but we also have a third part: our spirit. There is only one thing that can satisfy our deepest longing and explain the true meaning of life: receiving God into our spirit.

This video is based on a gospel tract entitled “The Third Part” by Bibles for America. The video was previously entitled “The God-shaped Vacuum.” English, French, Chinese, Croatian, Spanish, Indonesian, and Portuguese subtitle options are also available under the Closed Caption menu, and a Spanish version of the video can be viewed here: Visit Bibles for America’s website for more resources. 

Pursue the Lord with Us

If we would live a normal Christian life, we need to be nourished daily with spiritual food and spiritual drink. For this reason, we emphasize the partaking of Christ as our spiritual food and drink. 

In the Spirit and through the Word, we enjoy Him as our life supply. As He Himself said, “He that eateth me, even he shall live by me” (John 6:57). The Lord is the living bread, the bread of life, and the bread of God who came down from heaven to give life to the world (John 6:33, 35, 51), and we are nourished by Him day by day. 

We pray that the resources available in our website would be spiritual nourishment to all believers. 

Our belief

We believe the same the items of the faith common to all Christians.


"Beloved, while using all diligence to write to you concerning our common salvation, I...exhort you to earnestly contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints." (Jude 3)
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Meet with us

The church life is a meeting life. In the meetings, we are supplied, perfected, and built up to be God's spiritual house.


We welcome all those who call upon the name of our Lord Jesus (Romans 10:12) to join our fellowship.
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"...Faith comes out of hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ." (Romans 10:17)

Listen & Receive

We compiled messages from our fellow members of the Body to strengthen, perfect, build, and establish our faith in the Lord.
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As believers, we are called to preach the gospel of grace and of the kingdom to sinners that they may be saved.


We compiled gospel resources that you can easily share with your friends, relatives, co-workers, and others.
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It is not only important for us Christians to get into the Word but also to let the Word get into us.


To assist with allowing the Word to get into us, we have provided flashcards of verses grouped into specific topics.
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Study the Bible

We come to the Word not merely for knowledge, but to contact the Lord Jesus, who is Himself the living Word.

materials for your study

Look through our resources to supplement your study and enjoyment of the Bible.
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"The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all."