Announcements for week of 1/17/2021 - 1/23/2021

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Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, most of our weekly meetings will be done according to our assigned groups, mainly by virtual gatherings.

If you have any questions regarding your group’s weekly meeting schedule, please contact below mentioned brothers:

Group 1 – Mike Dahlkoetter
Group 2 – Chih Lin
Group 3 – Newman Kang

Dear saints,

As you all know, COVID-19 cases are still surging in Texas and in our community. This week, Huntsville ISD made the decision to close the schools and put students on remote home learning because they were unable to find enough substitutes to sit in for teachers who were out with COVID-19. Similarly at Bayes this week we have had 8 students and staff who have tested positive. Brother Ray Graver recently called and shared with us that several TX and Oklahoma churches among us have had some outbreaks of COVID-19 since they began in-person meeting again. He expressed his concern about in-person meeting here in Huntsville with the number of older saints that we have here. We share these concerns.

Based on these factors, the brothers here had some fellowship and the feeling was that for safety it would be prudent for us to at least temporarily return to Zoom format for our Lord’s Day meeting. Beginning this Lord’s Day, Nov. 22 we will return to Zoom for our Lord’s Day meeting. The link will be sent out on WhatsApp and the church in Huntsville email.

We know this is disappointing. But from the start we wanted to be flexible enough to make changes based on the constantly changing pandemic environment. We recognize that Zoom has some disadvantages. We want to encourage all the saints to stand against the “Zoom fatigue” that afflicts us all and endeavor to push through to our spirit. In spite of what the enemy is trying to do with this pandemic, the Lord is getting the victory! We have to marvel and worship the Lord at how much the church in Huntsville has grown even over the last 9 months during this pandemic! All he can do the foe, is just release the flow! Christ is victor!

Thank you saints for your flexibility.

Weekly Schedule

1. Wednesday Prayer Meeting – 7:00 pm

2. Saturday Young People’s Meeting – 5:30 pm

3. Lord’s Day Table & Prophesying Meeting – 11:00 am

4. Daily Bible Reading Online (Mon – Fri) – 9:00 pm

5. Morning Revival Zoom (Mon – Sat) – 6:30 am and 9:00 am

6. Friday College-Aged Meeting – 7:00  pm

7. Lord’s Day Campus Fellowship – 2:00 pm

1)  The Lord’s Move


The extraordinary world situation (Brexit and COVID new strain) shows that the Lord wants to do something extraordinary, requiring extraordinary prayers that match the world situation and what the Lord wants to gain in us and in the church according to His economy. Also pray that in the all the world situations – in UK and Europe, USA, North Korea, Cuba, Iran – the white horse of the gospel would ride and that the local churches would be raised-up under who’s feet the Lord would soon crush Satan.


2)  Migration of burdened saints to six designated European cities & London Phone Bible Studies

Please pray for the migration of burdened saints to six designated European cities—Barcelona, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Rome, and Zurich. More details on these cities can be found at

4)  The church in Huntsville


Please pray for the ongoing care and protection of the saints during the epidemic, particularly those who are elderly saints and key workers in the medical profession.


Please pray for the new semester at SHSU so that the Lord might gain right and useful persons to the Lord to be His dispensational instruments.

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International Chinese-Speaking Conference

  • February 13-14
  • Held online via LSM Webcast