Announcements for week of 4/18/2021 - 4/24/2021

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Dear saints,

In our fellowship with the brothers, we felt to have a return to in-person meetings for those who are burdened to do so beginning with our Lord’s Day meetings and prayer meetings. We would like to have this beginning April 11 with the Lord’s Table at the Bayes Achievement Center Auditorium.

  • For those saints who don’t feel comfortable meeting yet in person we will include you in the meeting by setting up several large screens in the meeting room and Zooming you in if you desire to attend this way.
  • For those saints who have already had your vaccines you can opt to wear a mask if you feel.
  • For those wanting to attend the in-person meeting who haven’t yet been vaccinated we ask that you wear a mask during the meeting except when you prophecy.
  • During this in-person meetings we will also endeavor to arrange the chairs so that there is space for social distancing between non-related saints. 

We will continue most of our weekly meetings  according to our assigned groups, mainly by virtual gatherings. If you have any questions regarding your group’s weekly meeting schedule, please contact below mentioned brothers:

Group 1 – Mike Dahlkoetter
Group 2 – Chih Lin
Group 3 – Newman Kang

Weekly Schedule

  1. Morning Revival: Monday – Friday at 6 AM and 9 AM (Zoom)
  2. Bible Reading: Monday – Friday at 9 PM (Zoom)
  3. Prayer Meeting: Wednesdays at 7 PM (Hybrid starting on April 14)
  4. College-Aged Meeting: Fridays at 7 PM (Zoom)
  5. Young People Meeting: Saturdays at 5:30 PM (In-person)
  6. Lord’s Day Meeting: Sundays at 11 AM (Hybrid starting on April 11)
  7. Campus Fellowship: Sundays at 2 PM (Hybrid)
  8. Corporate Morning Revival: Saturdays at 9 AM (Hybrid starting on April 24)

There are several small group meetings and home meetings available throughout the week meeting either in-person or virtually. If you are interested in knowing the schedule of these meetings, please ask either brother Mike or brother Newman.

1)  Migration of burdened saints to six designated European cities – 4. Lisbon, Portugal

During the Age of Discovery starting in the 15th century, extensive overseas exploration by the Portuguese left a cultural and linguistic legacy across the globe, including in Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Goa and Macao (and in 1542 were the first Europeans to reach Taiwan, naming it Ilha Formosa – “beautiful island”).
The population of Lisbon is 545,000, while the metropolitan area with 2.59 million people represents 27% of the entire country. Home to 14 universities/colleges/institutes and over 119,000 students, Lisbon has very good transportation infrastructure and a growing technology sector. The largest immigrant group in Portugal is from Brazil (107,000), followed by Italy and France. Some 90% of Portugal’s citizens are Roman Catholic – regular attendance, however, has declined in the cities and larger towns, particularly in the south. Less than 2 percent of the population is Protestant.
Currently 14 saints meet regularly via Zoom for prayer and on the Lord’s day, establishing contact with another 10-12 saints around the country and are working on building up the vital groups through regular contact with each other.

Please pray for the establishment of a strong lampstand in this capital city, standing in one accord with the all the saints in the Iberian Peninsula and throughout Europe. Also, for the emigration of 30-40 saints led by the Lord to Lisbon to serve the Lord.


2)  Amana Trust – Saturdays at Bower House begin this Saturday, 10 April

There will be eight Saturday events this spring – initially via Zoom, hopefully in person later:  April 10, 24; May 1, 8, 15, 22; June 5, 12
The main content will be from the book The Tree of Life, with some special presentations.  The one-time registration fee of £15 covers attendance at all or any of the eight Saturdays, access to online materials and video recordings of completed sessions, and a copy of The Tree of Life (UK registrants only).
So far 256 are registered, including 48 new ones (35 of whom are currently having Bible studies with the saints).
Pray for: a good beginning, good coordination among the serving saints with no problems with IT, and a welcoming atmosphere in the meetings and the groups where all the participants can really see a vision and get a taste of the Tree of Life.


3)  The church in Huntsville 


  • Please pray for the ongoing care and protection of the saints during the pandemic, particularly those who are elderly and key workers in the medical profession.
  • Please pray for the new semester at SHSU so that the Lord might gain right and useful persons to be His dispensational instruments.
  • Please pray for the mass distribution this semester via Facebook target advertisement of the Recovery Version and the Mobile App for the Life-study Radio broadcasts so that all the seeking ones in the Bible belt area may have the opportunity to receive this ministry and to practice the Body life.
  • Please pray for the church website ( so that many gospel friends and seeking ones may hear the gospel and appreciate the truths in the Recovery.

1. Holy Word for Morning Revival: Crystallization Study of Job and Ecclesiastes – Week 10 and 11 

2. Bible Reading Schedule – Week 69; Download Bible reading schedule here.

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Blending meeting with Waco and College Station

  • April 24, 2020
  • 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM